I am Datari, your personal data advisor

Gather, investigate and use your personal data from companies which collect them. Thanks to European law GDPR and Datari it is easy!

Download a beta version of the application:

Overview of your digital fingerprint? For sure.
Companies store 1 000s of your locations. Now you have the access to it.
All your data rights fulfilment? 100%.
Discover where your personal data is collected and visualize it.
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Monetisation of anonymised data? With ease.
Find the way how anonymised information earns you the money or help with a good cause.

All of your data just a step away

Datari will ask Google, Facebook or Amazon for all data they gathered

You will receive your data in 30 working days and they belong only to you, Datari doesn't own them

You can download your data, ask companies to remove them or use them in Data Market

Get to know your data

After an import into Datari you receive analytics from your data

Aside to raw data you will also see conclusion which companies make about you using their algorithms

Earn money or donate for a good thing

Sell anonymised information from your data to studies on Data Market to trusted parties how many times you want

You can also give information for free to a science research or universities

Datari evaluates every offer and tell you exactly what kind of information are provided and what is the impact to your privacy

Who gathers your data

What data they store

communication services

social networks

search engines


financial institution

Who we are

Pavel Kučera
ceo, data & security expert

After decades of experience in security and data processing in Oracle, Avast, GoodData or CEAI, I founded Datari to provide people the value from personal data which they have the rights for.

and we cooperate with

David Brožík
CEO of S9Y

I’ve always had a passion for new products that are not afraid to solve challenging problems. In S9Y.ai studio we help courageous entrepreneurs to realise their ideas and Datari was just the right challenge for us to use our frontend and mobile development expertise.

Ondřej Kramoliš
Senior Associate, Allen & Overy

I am proud to have had the opportunity to provide data privacy legal advice to Datari, a defender of data privacy rights in the EU.


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